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Where you host your website will have a massive impact on your website’s performance, and it’s speed. Modern websites are expected to load quickly, and efficiently, for 1 user at a time, or 100 users at a time. Not only is there an expectation of speed, your customers are also looking for consistency. Your service pages need to load just as fast as your home page, and your contact page.

American Viking Consulting has the skills and resources available to ensure that your WordPress website is fast, and secure. One often overlooked aspect of hosting (however one of the most important) is website security. Your website needs to be fast, but it also needs to be secure on the front end, and the back end. If your website gets hacked, or Google applies a security warning to your website & de-indexes it, you will lose first-time customers and possibly the trust of existing customers. That’s why our Website Hosting service includes regular security updates, daily backups, and a Secure-Socket-Layer (SSL) Security Certificate. All of things are more than commonplace for modern websites, they are essential for consistency, and being competitive in your area.

As part of our website hosting service, your website gets dedicated resources assigned to it. This differs from many other website hosting companies, as you are typically in a shared hosting environment. In essence, your website is pooled together will hundreds of other websites, all fighting for resources in order to load the site for your customers. At American Viking Consulting, your website won’t have to fight for resources, and is protected in case another website on the server gets compromised.

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Why Choose Our Website Hosting?

Technical Audit / Review

Prior to hosting any website, we assess the infrastructure of the existing website, and review how the site has been built. This is done to ensure that your website hosting migration is as smooth as possible, and that your website is healthy and stable.

Staging Environment Migration

After the Technical Audit / Review, we begin to migrate your website, and all of your content, to a staging environment on our server. This staging environment will allow us to review your website before re-launching, and ensure that nothing broke during the migration process.

Page Speed Optimization & Backups

Once you compare your live site to the version on our sever, we fix any issues that may have arisen, and begin to optimize your website for speed. This can include image compression & resizing, review the code of your website for any unnecessary bloat, and adjust your website's caching settings to provide a better user experience. Once this is complete, we also configure your backups and test to make sure that your backups are running without any issue.

Website Re-Launch

Time for liftoff! In the final phase of website migration, we do one last Quality Control check on your website, and then begin the launch process. Once DNS propagation concludes, we run one final set of post-launch checklists & scans to ensure that your website is lean, mean, and squared away.

Frequently Asked Questions About Website Hosting

How Often Is My Website Backed Up?

When you host your website with American Viking Consulting, your website backed up on a daily basis. By having daily backups of your website, you can rest assured that if your website runs into any issues, you can use a backup to quickly restore your site, and fix anything broken.

It is always better to have a backup that you can restore within 30 mins to an hour, than not having your data backed up, and potentially lost forever due to a hack or another form of compromise.

What is an SSL and Why Do I Need One?

A Secure-Socket-Layer Certificate (or SSL Certificate) is a security certificate that is issued to your website. The SSL Certificate serves to ensure that all web traffic to and from your website is secured and establishes an encrypted connection between your customers and your website. This helps to protect their data, and any forms submitted on your website. 

Furthermore, for Dentists, Medical Spas, and all other types of medical practices, you need to have an SSL Certificate installed on your website to maintain HIPAA compliancy.

What Makes American Viking Consulting’s Website Hosting Different?

Websites hosted on our server will be given dedicated resources, specifically assigned for their use. This dramatically improves speed, consistency, and overall performance. Having dedicated resources assigned to your website will also ensure that your website can handle large influxes of web traffic with ease.

Many website hosts operate on what’s called a Shared Hosting Environment. This is when there is a pool of resources available for all the sites on the server, and they are given to the websites in a “first come, first serve” basis. Often times, this leaves your website in line, waiting for the server to issue processing power and memory to start loading the site.

Can You Guarantee That My Website Can’t Be Hacked?

American Viking Consulting regularly performs maintenance on our websites, however there is never a guarantee when it comes to website security. Web Security is often a reactive endeavor, however we take proactive steps to protect your website from bots and other intrusion attempts. Some of these strategies may include a Web Application Firewall (WAF), Access Restrictions based on geo-location, Anti-Spam solutions, and more. If there are any vulnerabilities on your website, We ensure that they are resolved quickly and efficiently.

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