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With nearly 10 years of experience consulting in the Information Technology and Digital Marketing space, American Viking Consulting exists for one purposeThat purpose is to grow your business, and eliminate the “Smoke and Mirrors” of I.T. and Digital Marketing.

Why American Viking Consulting.

Our approach to Digital Marketing is simple, yet effective. For marketing, we tailor our strategy to your needs, and use data & feedback to make intelligent decisions that make your phone ring more. Then we explain it and ensure that you understand the strategy, and that you have confidence in the plan of action. 

For Technical Support, we provide fast support that not only resolves any issues you may experience, but also identifies the cause of the problem, and resolves it as well.

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Before and during the meeting, we will discover the biggest pain points for you and your business.

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Develop a custom plan to hit your goals, and give you confidence in your marketing and unlock all of the potential in the Tech Stack in your company

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Meet Our Founder

Vincent Baron

Vincent has spent over 10 years providing reliable I.T. Support for companies large and small. With Experience supporting Local Businesses across the United States, Vincent has a well rounded skillset to investigate and fix most I.T. issues.

Vincent also teaches end users and businesses how to spot common causes for most I.T. breaches, including phishing attempts, and how to handle suspicious emails & how to train your team to identify and ignore spoofing attempts. 

On the marketing side, Vincent has spent over 6 years supporting websites, and performing effective Search Engine Optimization campaigns. He has worked in several industries, but has focused in on Auto Glass, Small Business, and Medical. Whether you are a Doctor looking to have increased New Patient Opportunities, or an Auto Glass shop looking to expand, Vincent has the skills and knowledge to make sure the job gets done right.

Vincent is renowned for his customer service skills, and no-nonsense approach when it comes to marketing & IT Support.

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