Remote I.T. Support

Fast I.T. Support For Your Small Business

Nothing is more frustrating than when you are in the groove of your workday, and your computer starts to have problems. Often times, a simple restart of your computer can fix the majority of your issues, but when it can’t, you need fast I.T. Support that you can count on. 

Whether you are having problems sending emails, or need to move to a new computer for work, American Viking Consulting has the skills and experience to help you as quickly as possible. We strive to provide effective I.T. Support to remedy your issue, and identify the root cause of the issue.

Whether you have one computer, or 10, keeping your computers secure and protected is essential to preventing many I.T. issues, or viruses. American Viking Consulting can help setup Anti-Virus software, make sure that your backups are running, and perform regular maintenance so that you can get the most out of your computers.

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Remote Tech Support For Your Business

Initial Troubleshooting

Many I.T. Issues can be resolved on the initial call or request. Often times, a quick password reset, or clearing of your cache can resolve several of the most common issues that you'll run into on your day to day operations.

Advanced Troubleshooting

For issues that are unable to be resolved on the first call, or require coordination with a 3rd party such as Google, your CRM, or others, American Viking Consulting can help provide advanced support to make things as simple and stress free for you as possible.

Proactive Maintenance

As part of I.T. Support with American Viking Consulting, we perform proactive maintenance on your computer to keep them running healthy and safe for as long as possible. Part of this maintenance can include removing software bloat, defragging your drives, and ensuring that you backups are running. Just in case you have to migrate to a new computer.

Frequently Asked Questions About Remote I.T. Support

Can You Provide Support For My Phone Or Tablet?

American Viking Consulting has years of experience supporting the mobile devices that you  may use in the office, and in the field. Whether you need help getting an app to work properly, or you want to have all of your devices managed centrally, we can help.

Can You Help Protect Me From Ransomware?

Our Anti-Virus software suite also includes active protection against threats like Ransomware, or other viruses that can damage your machine. A key component of Ransomware recovery and prevention is making sure that you have backup solutions in place to quickly recover, and a password manager that will allow you to securely store your password, and easily update them if they are ever compromised.

How Can You Fix My Computer Remotely?

There are several remote access programs on the internet that make it easy to fix whatever problems you are experiencing. If a remote access program won’t work, our team has the experience and skill needed to walk you through the steps to resolve any issues you may be experiencing.

How Can I Make Sure I Am Prepared For An I.T. Disaster?

The first step to securing your computer and recovering from a disaster is to create an I.T. Disaster Recovery plan. This will allow you to have a checklist that you can follow step by step, and bring some order back into the chaos of catastrophic I.T. Failures. This often includes anti-virus, backup drives, and what passwords need to be updated in the event of a compromise or theft.

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