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A Website That Will Perform As Good As It Looks

Website Development & Design plays a major role in your digital marketing efforts, and the success of marketing your brand. With customer’s looking to verify reviews, the quality of your brand, and get in touch, your website is one of the first places that they visit.

Your website will have 3-5 seconds at most in order to convince a user to stay, and to have the opportunity to convert to a lead. With Google introducing Mobile First Indexing for all websites, it is important that your website looks good, and loads fast on all devices. 

The website that you present to your customer’s will have an impact on them giving you their business. If it feels clunky, or looks older, chances are that they’ll leave your site, and never come back. Modern Website Development will ensure that you have a website that looks great, and will help enhance your marketing efforts.

American Viking Consulting only builds SEO-Friendly websites. Whether you have an older site that needs a breath of fresh air, or a total rebrand that needs as smooth as a transition as possible, you can count on our team to set your next website project up for success.

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How Do We Build High Quality Websites?

Website Analysis & Review

Prior to the initial Website Design Meeting, our team will go over your existing website with a fine-tooth comb and assess every aspect. From imagery and brand presentation, to web content and SEO performance, we are committed to becoming familiar with your website. During this period, we begin to build our recommendations to improve performance, and ensure that you get the most value out of your site and the meetings with our team.

Creative Meeting & Performance Recommendations

In phase 2 of our process, our experts will meet with your team to work out the details on your web design. We assess what you like about other websites, what you want to avoid for your next site, and provide recommendations based on your feedback and our Website Analysis. This is an essential step to ensuring that you receive a website design that matches your company values, and looks as good as it will perform.

Website Presentation & Project Check-ins

Following the creative meeting, the hard-working experts at American Viking Consulting will get to work on building the website that you envision. We pay attention to the small details of how your business got started, how you serve your community, and the things you do and don't like about other website to craft a fantastic website. After reviewing the homepage, we lay out a timeline from service page presentation to pre-launch optimizations so you always know the status of your website development.

Launch Time: Standby For Takeoff

Once we have final approvals on design, content, branding and imagery, it is go time. From here, we square away all of the hundreds of small details that make a big difference in launching your new website. From ALT Tags and image compression, to analyzing network waterfalls and server performance, American Viking Consulting ensures that you have a website that you can be proud of.

Frequently Asked Questions About Website Development

How Often Do I Need A New Website?

If you build a squared away website that is fast, mobile responsive, and sets up your digital marketing up for success, you don’t need to build a new website often. However, if your website is built on old infrastructure or code, and frequently has problems or acts as a chokepoint for your marketing efforts, you should consider a new website that will help improve your marketing efforts.

How Long Does It Take For A New Website?

The timeline for a website project depends on many different factors, both on the consultant side, If you have a large website with a significant amount of content, it takes more time to ensure that your website project will have a positive impact on your digital marketing, not a negative one. It’s important to make sure that as the build progresses, existing SEO efforts are preserved, and that the website transition in Google is as smooth as possible.

What Makes American Viking Consulting’s Website Different?

The websites that we build are custom to the goals and branding of your business. We don’t copy and paste our websites, and we only build SEO-Friendly websites. When you have your website developed by our team, you can ensure that your website will be lean and mean, and perform well. Lastly, we build our websites to last, and help your other marketing efforts succeed, instead of hindering them.

Do I Own My Website After American Viking Consulting Builds It?

You will always own 100% of your website from the start of the project to launch day. At American Viking Consulting, we believe that you should have the freedom to choose who works on your website, and how your website works for you. We don’t lock you into a custom platform, or a complex website that is unfamiliar to many developers or 3rd parties. Our websites are fast, easy to use, and will perform well.

Do You Offer Website Hosting?

American Viking Consulting can host your website, and ensure that it performs well for years to come. Our website hosting service is tailored specifically to how we build and maintain websites. Every website that American Viking Consulting hosts will have something called dedicated resources. This will make sure that your website is never fighting for the processing power it needs to quickly deliver your website to your visitors.

Does It Matter Who Builds My New Website?

Choosing a Website Developer might be the most important decision that you make for your digital presence. If you have invested in Search Engine Optimization, or actively drive Pay-Per-Click (PPC) traffic to your website, a rebuild can have serious implications on performance. Website Rebuilds or Redesigns that don’t respect your existing optimizations are one of the most common situations that cause a sharp decline in your digital presence that can take months to recover from. 

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