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Your Business Looks More Professional With A Branded Email

As a business, you want to present a clean, professional image to your customers. One of the easiest ways to accomplish this is to have branded business emails. Branded emails not only look good, but allow you to have consistent communication, avoid losing leads due to misspellings or misunderstandings, and allow you to ensure all communication that goes out to your customers is from one central source. As your business grows and expands, and you incorporate more tools, CRM’s, and marketing efforts, branded emails will become a necessity for security, and presenting a unified and professional brand image.

From a security perspective, business emails will allow you to retain any emails that your company sends or receives, and will prevent employees from taking critical accounts and access hostage, whether deliberately or unintentionally. Learning how to lock down your emails and ensure that your staff (and your business) stay safe can be a daunting task.

American Viking Consulting has I.T. Experts who have years of experience creating, configuring, and managing business emails. From Google Workspace, to Microsoft Exchange, we have the experience and skillset to quickly and efficiently create new accounts, smoothly offboard inactive employees, and protect your employees from ransomware & phishing attempts.

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Business Email Management & Creation

Assess Your Existing Email Structure

If you have existing business emails, we analyze and assess all accounts within your workspace to make sure that you aren't paying for accounts that you don't need. During this time, we build a list of all users, groups, and review your security policies to ensure that your emails are secured.

Email Management Meeting

After reviewing how your business emails are setup (or doing the prep work to create a branded business environment) we meet with management & owners to start creating accounts, setting policies for your organization, and provide timelines & updates so that you are in the know during the entire process.

Workspace Administration

If desired, American Viking Consulting can stay on as a workspace / email administrator and help manage your workspace. This would allow you to have a hands off approach to onboarding & offboarding, and ensure that if your organization ever needs groups and/or new emails, you have a trustworthy resource with quick turnaround times.

Frequently Asked Questions About Business Emails

Can You Manage Google G-Suite Accounts?

American Viking Consulting has years of experience managing and providing support for G-Suite accounts and/or Google Workspace accounts. We can create new distribution lists for internal use, external lists for sales, and lock down existing groups for security. We make employee onboarding & offboarding a seamless and smooth experience for both your business, and your employees.

Do I Really Need Branded Emails?

Strictly speaking, no you don’t. However having branded emails makes it much harder for your business to be impersonated online to your customers, and will help you avoid serious security & access issues in the future that can be exhausting and expensive.

Can Google Have Distribution Lists Like Outlook?

Yes, you can create group email lists for internal purposes with G-Suite. The process to set these up will vary depend on what you need. For example, you may want an office announcement email that only office admin’s and managers can email to, or you may want an email for leads to go to multiple people internally. No matter what you need, American Viking Consulting can help you get squared away.

Do I Need To Pay For De-Activated Emails?

One common misconception with branded emails is that you have to pay for your employees emails after they are no longer with your company. American Viking Consulting can help migrate inactive employee emails to an archive account, and retain them  in the future in case they are ever needed for reference or legal purposes.

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